Sunday, September 2, 2012

Some days it just hurts

So today I decided to go for a run late in the afternoon.  Yes, it was still 85 degrees and the humidity was about 90%.  I know it was probably not the best decision, but I really just needed to get out and move for a bit.  This was the 2nd day in a row for me to run and with my schedule these days, it's a rare event.  Maybe it was because I was tired, maybe it was due to the heat and humidity, who knows what but todays run was vastly different than yesterday.

Yesterday, I decided to go for my usual trail run using the Adidas Vigor shoes I have discussed in previous posts.  I did run early in the day, around 7:30 am, and the weather was really nice.  Yes, it was warm because it is Alabama in August, but it was not unbearable.  I ran 7 miles with a decent average pace and felt really good at the end of the run.  Today, I spent the majority of the day studying for board exams and then around 6:30 pm decided I would go for a run.  I initially thought I would hit the trails, but instead decided to go run a road course just down from the hospital where I work.  A road run meant I would strap on the Brooks Ravenna that I bought probably 8 months ago and have only run in a couple of times.
Brooks Ravenna 3
I love the Ravenna, but for whatever reason, the shoes, the weather, etc. today's run was less that satisfying.  I ran 5 miles and it was honestly 5 of the hardest miles I have run in a long time.  My pace was terrible and I could not wait to get done.  I never felt like my breathing settled down and I felt like I was pushing the whole time even though my average pace shows the exact opposite.  All of that being said, I am still happy I was able to go out and run whether it was my best run or not. One thing I've learned, especially as an older athlete, is that no matter what, every run cannot be great, fantastic, your best run ever, or a PR.  There are going to be days, if you run long enough, where you start out feeling good, but for whatever reason, the run just does not go your way and you struggle through the entire time. 

Today was that day for me so I guess what I am trying to say is that it's ok to have a bad run, because even at it's worst, a bad run is better than no run.  It makes you appreciate those fantastic runs. However, being who I am, what I always seem to do when I have a bad run, is go back out the next day and see if its better.  May not be the best idea since the reason for the sub par run maybe that your body needs rest.  I think its probably just me trying to prove to myself that it was just a blip on the radar and all is right with the world! However,  good or bad we all have to remember that some days it just hurts to run.

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